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Erdbeben im IRAN; Lageupdate 091950apr13 

Quelle: GDACS

Update as of 19:50 - Geneva time on the earthquake (Bushehr Province) Southern Iran:
A 6.3 Magnitude earthquake with 10 km depth occured in Kaki, Bushehr in Iran at 16:22 local time (11:52 UTC) on 9 April.
So far, 800 are reported as injured. Two villages, namely Shnabeh (1746 population) and Sena (1253 population) in Khoroj Region are reported %80 demolished.
Iranian Red Crescent (IRCS) has been contacted. IRCS reported that 500 Relief and Rescue workers and two helicopters have been dispatched to Dashti and Shoonieh Cities and surrounding provinces (Lorestan, Fars, Kohkilouyeh, Buyerahmad, Isfahan, Khuzistan and Charmahal Bakhtyari). The Head of the Relief and Rescue Organisation (RARO) of IRCS is also in the field.
The region is mountainous with low population density. Tribes and nomads may have been affected. Shoonieh city has 6000 population and located in 100 kilometre west boushehr.
Updates will be provided as soon as reports are received.

From: OCHA National Disaster Response Advisor (NDRA),
Office of the United Nations Resident Coordinator.

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